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Ainsley Harriott Joins The Sunday Lunch Campaign
24th September 2006
Ainsley Harriott says the traditional Sunday lunch should be a priority for every family. It may be just a meal, but for Ainsley Harriott it's one of the most important events of the week - and opportunity for him and his children embrace his West Indian roots.

A typical Sunday lunch in the Ainsley Harriott household brings the whole family together but often itís not even a lunch at all. "A typical Sunday meal will be brunch at 11am," says Ainsley, who lives with his wife (Clare Fellows) and two teenage children (Jimmy and Madeleine) in Wandsworth, south London. Full story.

Ainsley Harriott in Top 20 World's Most Influential Foodies, According to a Poll
3rd September 2006

In a recent survey carried out by Good Food magazine Ainsley Harriott has been voted as number 18 in the 'World's Most Influential Foodies'. He has beaten the likes of Marco Pierre White (19) and Antony Worrall Thompson (20) but the winner by far is Jamie Oliver. Good Food magazine editor said: "Jamie Oliver has really struck a chord with his campaigns to bring school dinners up to scratch and train unemployed youngsters as chefs.

"It`s this work, combined with Jamie`s down to earth approach to cooking that has secured him his place as world`s most influential foodie." Other top position names were Delia Smith, Fanny Cradock, Egon Ronay and Gordon Ramsay. Full story.

Ainsley Harriott Reviews Student Cookbooks for The Observer
26th August 2006

Ainsley has given a frank review of 5 of the latest student cookbooks for the Sunday Observer. With most Universities beginning their terms next week, a student cookbook is an essential piece of kit for any student that wants to stay away from the stereo-type of baked beans and toast diet. Ainsley emphasises how important your first cookbook purchase can be 'Think about your first kiss - if you did it and it was bloody awful, you might not do it again!Ē. Although he didnít go to University himself, Ainsley would often stay over at student digs when he was younger so he knows all about the student attitude to food. Full story.

New Book: The Feel-Good Cookbook
August 2006

Ainsley has been working hard on his next cookbook which is due to be published on 7th September 2006 but you can pre-order it here. This time Ainsley has turned his attention to food that can make you feel good as well as tasting great. He keeps this fun an exciting as you would expect but also makes sure every recipe is nutritious and well balanced. More details.

Ainsley Harriott 'Meal In 5!' Pasta Snacks
August 2006
Ainsley has expanded his range of food products with the addition of his 'Meal In 5!' concept which is a choice of 3 quick and convenient pasta meals that are made by adding boiling water.

The range has already been launched in supermarkets and is available in Macaroni Cheese, Creamy Vegetable and Spicy Tomato varieties. We haven't had the pleasure of tasting them but if this review is anything to go by then maybe we haven't missed anything.

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