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His exuberant personality was soon attracting attention and Ainsley Harriott became a household name in the UK. With the introduction of Ready Steady Cook in 1994 his popularity grew as he was a regular guest chef of the long running series. Ainsley also had his very own television series’ including Can’t Cook Won’t Cook, a popular daytime cookery challenge show and Ainsley’s Meals In Minues, which was all about appetising meals cooked in less than twenty minutes. In 2000 he became host of Ready Steady Cook and the show took on a new lease of life.

Ainsley also had a love of travel so in the 1997 series Ainsley’s Barbeque Bible he travelled around the world learning about different styles of barbeque cookery. This was followed by Ainsley’s Big Cook Out in 1999 in which he toured and sampled the cuisine of the Americas. Ainsley Harriott soon became Britains best known and loved celebrity Chef and collected numerous awards including “Best TV Personality, “Best Lifestyle Programme” and "Best Daytime Programme” “Britain’s Favorite Chef” “TV Chef of the Year” and “Personality of the Year’. In 2004 he presented a prime time special for BBC1 50 Things To Eat Before You Die in which he travelled the world hunting for ‘must taste’ foods. He has also taken part in many mainstream non-food related shows including They Think It’s All Over, Holiday, The National Lottery Live, Friends Like These. He is also presenter of the long running daytime series City Hospital which is filmed live in one of the UK’s busiest hospitals.

His popularity has spread all over the world; over the past few years he has made numerous successful appearances at live events and on major TV programmes in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and most European countries. Ainsley has also seen success in the USA where he arrived on screen in 2000 with The Ainsley Harriott Show, this was a unique ‘talk show in the kitchen’ concept that aired nationwide on NBC and lasted for over 100 shows. He then moved on to host the US version of Ready Steady Cook called Ready Set Cook for the Food Network.

Ainsley Harriott is also a best selling author and has so far published twelve books plus many more in conjunction with his TV shows. He has released many co-editions in Dutch, Danish, Slovenian and American and has sold over 2 million books worldwide. He has a monthly item Meals in Minutes in BBC Good Food Magazine, a weekly column in TV Quick, and writes regularly in the Young Telegraph.

He also has many commercial successes which includes being the voice of Covonia cough mixture and teaming up with Proctor and Gamble to become the modern face of the Fairy brand. He has even launched his own-brand of food products which are sold worldwide and in 2006 expanded the range with his cous-cous and soup.

Ainsley Harriott is married to former costume designer Clare Fellows and has two children, Jimmy and Madeleine, and Ainsley is keen to pass on his skills in the family kitchen.

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