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Ainsley Harriott Cous Cous

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Cous Cous originates hundreds of years ago in Africa and is still a staple food in North Africa, but in recent years it has grown in popularity in the UK and is a very fashionable dish. It is a simple ingredient that is very easy to prepare and is a healthy source of carbohydrates with very little fat content.

Cous Cous is made from semolina flour with a little water and salt and is cooked by steaming or boiling it until it becomes light and fluffy in texture. The Ainsley Harriott range of Cous Cous is super quick to prepare as it just needs simmering a little in water before its ready to serve.

Donít be fooled by its simplicity, the Ainsley Harriott Cous Cous range is packed with flavour and is available in a choice of five recipes. Whether its a quick meal for one or a feast for the family - the Ainsley Harriott Cous Cous range will not disappoint.
Ainsley Harriott Couscous
Available in Citrus Kick, Tomato Tango, Spice Sensation, Moroccan Medley and Roasted Vegetable varieties. If you haven't tried Cous Cous yet then the Ainsley Harriott Couscous range is an excellent new taste experience for you to explore. Try our Ainsley Harriott Recipes for some ideas about cooking with Ainsley Harriott Cous Cous.

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